Adventure location #1 – Temple of Nuts

D&D adventure location

A fun system-agnostic adventure location for your D&D and TTRPG campaigns.
Easily modifiable and ready to fit your needs.

Warning: this location contains a hungry hamster, a gazillion of nuts, a floating acorn, many catacombs and spooky chambers.
Proceed with caution and do not touch the stash.

Deep in the desert stands a temple embedded in stone. Steps leading to it are smoothed by wind and sand and covered by hardened blood. A dome ceiling looms from above as the sun enters through two vertical slits and a round opening. Engraved in a stone slab is an ancient rune and from the darkness of the temple, come sounds.
Cracking, shifting, scratches on the walls.

I hope you enjoy it!
If you ever use it in your games, reach me out on socials or tell me in the comments below how it went! I’d love to hear it.

But above all else, have fun and have good adventures.

See you next time,

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