Whitehorn – Adventure Location #2

System-agnostic adventure location for your campaign.

“Long ago, there were Giants.
Then a dragon happened. “
Pecklebez Welfer, Head of the Arcane Field Studies Department

“Long ago, there were Giants.
Then humanoids happened.”
Deidrich Welfer, Archmage of Cultivation

Dive into the ancient battlefield where Smallfolk fought Giantkin, where machines crumbled rocks, and goblins claimed the leftovers.
I promise you laughter and epicness.

Perched atop a jagged stone and connected with a single bridge, looms a watchtower of Giants. One half gave under the weather, the inside open to harsh winds. Its top is a humongous horn that emerges from an arcane, swirling storm—a remnant of the beast long extinct.

2 thoughts on “Whitehorn – Adventure Location #2”

  1. Love Whitehorn! Currently developing an alt Earth/Farune. and this will go perfectly in my echo of the Cascade mountains!

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