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Mishka Springbender was a curious gnome and prodigy artificer. She was fascinated by mechanisms, spells, and equations. Unfortunately, an accident involving arcane energy vaporized her body and slingshot Mishka away from awards and honors.
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A vast expanse of snow and rock spreads before you. It is desolate save the blue glowing crystals. In the distance, a humongous machine hovers 100 feet above the ground. A blue, shimmering beam emerges from its round belly plucking the gems like grapes. It is harvesting the ‘blue gold’.
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Perched atop a jagged stone and connected with a single bridge, looms a watchtower of Giants. One half gave under the weather, the inside open to harsh winds. Its top is a humongous horn that emerges from an arcane, swirling storm—a remnant of the beast long extinct.
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