The Great Ostenflop — A singer with a binding voice

The Great Ostenflop, ttrpg and dnd character by ElvenFirefly

A magnificent frog-folk bard with a difficult misfortune.
System-agnostic TTRPG and DnD character for your world.

Ostenflop, DnD Character sheet, ElvenFirefly
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Mr. Osten G’Rhun is a classic example of “be careful what you wish for.”
Born and raised a human in the coastal town of Flesa, he spent his youth working in his father’s carpentry shop. Having little to no interest in the job, he’d often make costly mistakes. In the evenings, the two of them would argue, and Osten would usually flee into the nearby forest. His mother left when he was young, and due to his poor social skills, he couldn’t make lasting friendships. The only solace he found was a beautiful pond hidden among the fir trees.

One day, in the 19th year of his unremarkable life, an old man visited the glade. He was shaggy and dirty, but Osten didn’t mind and offered the man food and water, doing so every day when the man visited. They talked about life and dreams, hardships, and politics. Osten complained about his boring life and his father. The man told him it was his destiny to help his dad, a debt to repay from his previous lives. Angered, Osten retorted that the only thing he owed was greatness and fame to himself.

The man returned the following day and revealed that he wields a peculiar ability. He will grant him the wish but warns that Osten will suffer if he disobeys the predestined path. Young and green, Osten asked for a new life filled with glamour, extravagance, and fame.
Within a week, a merchant hired him, offering hefty pay.
Within three months, he was on a different continent, and within a year, he performed at a nobleman’s wedding with his very own troupe.

The following 19 years filled Osten’s life with parties, good wine, and even better women. Every problem would sort itself out, and it seemed that the universe was on his side. Theaters and courts were playing tug of war over him, pleasing his every wish just so he would sing. His voice was magnificent, the result of extensive training with the two most skilled bards. An archmage taught him voice enchantments to fully captivate and control the audience. Osten lived the life of his dreams, scoffing at his father’s legacy as a pathetic afterthought.

He rushed forward, never looking back, when, lo and behold, the old man’s warning came true. Things started going sour, slowly but inexorably. Osten’s skin began changing color, his fingers elongating, and his eyes enlarging. No money nor fame could prevent the change, and he was looking everywhere. On the nights when the curse was too strong, he would cancel shows, damaging his reputation. For a long time, he was hiding behind masks and makeup, but eventually, the transformation was complete.

Luxurious life crumbled and the welcoming doors closed shut—no one wanted a cursed frog-folk. He drank away his wealth, hidden from the eyes of the public. For five years, no one heard of him while he battled his shattered mind. Innumerable emotions and conditions shook his body, but only one saved him in the end: acceptance.
When he finally emerged, a humanoid frog in a tuxedo, he joined a circus two countries away. His father’s words came to his mind when asked to introduce himself:
“You are nothing, you are a flop!”
And The Great Ostenflop was born.

Notable Combat Features

Amphibious and a great swimmer — He can breathe both air and water.
Poisonous skin — He can make his skin and tongue poisonous at will.
Long tongue — He can attack a target up to 30 feet in length with his tongue. If he manages to hit, the target is crushed and restrained by his tongue.
Long jump and sticky fingers — He can jump up to 50 feet and stick to any kind of surface.

Special Ability

Powerful songs — Ostenflop can enchant his singing with various effects:
• Sleepy song. Creatures who hear this song struggle to stay awake.
Shattering rock. Ostenflop can focus on one area and use his powerful voice to deal substantial damage.
Mimicking sonata. When he sings this song, Ostenflop can mimic the action of any creature that he saw in the past minute, whether it is an impressive physical feat or a powerful spell.

Design Notes

During the battle, Ostenflop seeks advantageous positions, such as high walls and ceilings. From there, he incapacitates the enemies with his sleepy song and then strangles the few that remain. If threatened, he will use his shattering rock to destroy the environment, giving him time to escape with a long jump.

Roleplaying Ostenflop


Even though his looks suffered, his mind and sweet talk remained untouched. Ostenflop is a gentle(frog?), polite and flattering, always knowing the right word to say and when to stay silent. People flock to be in the presence of his charm.

Quick-witted and comical

If not for his singing career, Ostenflop would succeed as a stand-up comedian, a charlatan, or a jester. Eager for a good mood and laughter, he will foster such an atmosphere to the best of his ability. He embraced many who tried insulting him, shooting them with the greatest comebacks ever heard.

Regretful & dejected

Even though he accepted his new appearance, the curse took a great toll on him. The state of his life will sometimes catch up to him, even amid the most joyful evening. In those moments, Ostenflop would slump and excuse himself to his quarters.


  1. You encounter Ostenflop during a live performance as he enchants the room into sleep. He’s been ordered to do so by a criminal boss.
  2. You stumble upon the alley where a group of thugs forces Ostenflop to throw away his next gig.
  3. You see Ostenflop in a withdrawn corner of the inn, drinking alone.
  4. You encounter Ostenflop during one of his performances where an assassin tries to execute him.

Quests Hooks

  1. Ostenflop is poisoned, and the theater owner asks you to find the antidote. The poison is magically enhanced to circumvent Osten’s poison immunity.
  2. Ostenflop is losing his voice. It all started after he lost a game of Dragon’s Poker where he bet his vocal ability to a necromancer. He asks the party for help.
  3. Ostenflop hires the party as his security during a nobleman’s party. He’s expecting trouble.
  4. Ostenflop asks the party to find the cure for his condition. He will give them anything in return.
  5. Ostenflop hired the party to steal the lyrics of the newest song of a famous bard.
  6. Ostenflop asks the party to capture the man who granted him the wish all those years ago.

What are some other ways Mr. Osten G’Rhun could have gained his magnificent voice? I was thinking of a magical frog who could grant him the wish, but only if Osten would switch the appearance with them.
And no, if you kiss Ostenflop, he doesn’t become human sadly.

Anyways, you can find this persona working in Tralin’s Theater, mesmerizing endless crowds.
See you in the next one.

Tralin's Theater Adventure Location ElvenFirefly

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