Statfield – DnD Adventure location #3

Statfield adventure location

TTRPG and DnD adventure location that you can easily implement in your world
These locations are system-agnostic with 5e addons, allowing you to easily modify their parts to fit your story.

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A huge labor of love in collaboration with amazing Fluffy Folio, bringing to life stormstones, hazards and corruption, but also love and care embodied in the smallest of critters.

Statfield is a place dotted with dangerous hazards and flying elementals, overwatched by harvesters.
For several centuries, collectors sought stormstones – highly volatile and energetic crystals born in the most ruthless storms – to power the world.
The problem occurred when they discovered elven fireflies, peaceful and sacred creatures made of the same stone, which they brought to near extinction.
Now the world is locked in subterfuge: save the fireflies or save the economy?

A vast expanse of snow and rock spreads before you. It is desolate save the blue glowing crystals. In the distance, a humongous machine
hovers 100 feet above the ground. A blue, shimmering beam emerges from its round belly plucking the gems like grapes.
It is harvesting the ‘blue gold’.

Awesome stuff! I love Mishka 😀
I’m super intrigued to use the location at some point in my current campaign!:)
– Fluffy Folio

I know I know, they may be biased, we worked together and all that, but come see, make your own story 🙂

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